Laura Oakes


It isn’t easy growing up as a Dolly Parton fan in Liverpool, North West England, but that’s exactly what Laura Oakes did. When she had to choose between lots of friends or lots of country music, country music won, and it won by a country mile. Who needs friends anyway when you have Dolly Parton, David Gates, the Dixie Chicks, and a musical family to sing along with? When it’s normal for mealtime conversations to be conducted in three-part harmony, it’s only natural to go through life singing, and it was in her teenage years that Laura really started to apply the gas with her solo performing and writing.

Most kids turning 18 want a party, but all Laura wanted was to visit the Grand Ole Opry and to see if the sights and sounds of Nashville were all she dreamed they would be. Her trip to Music City proved to be an over-whelming experience and confirmed for her that writing and singing country music was all she wanted to do.

After spending her teenage years writing songs, performing anywhere and everywhere, annoying her neighbours a bit, and then annoying her neighbours even more, she recorded and self-released her first single ‘Don’t Let It Hit Ya’ in September 2013 and landed in the Top 20 on the iTunes Country Chart. Her second single ‘Snakes and Ladders’ followed in 2014 with similar success.

Since then, Laura has enjoyed live dates at some of the UK’s most prestigious festivals and stages including BluesFest and C2C both at the 02 Arena – London as well as Time Out Presents: Rising Stars of Country at The Jazz Café – Camden. Furthermore, she’s provided support slots for some of the most notable talent coming out of the UK and US, including Andrew Combs, The Shires and Ward Thomas.

As winner of the Best Female Vocalist category two consecutive years running (2015 and 2016) at the British Country Music Awards, Laura now has her sights set on the very highest achievements in both the pop and country worlds, gaining fans at each show and festival slots for 2017.